I have some questions...

Why would I want to know what my future health looks like?
If you know your probability of developing mental and physical conditions as you age, you can take steps now to minimize your probability of developing those conditions. YMI allows you to make changes to your lifestyle to see how the changes affect your predicted future health trajectory decades into the future.

How do you predict health conditions decades into the future?
YMI predictions are generated by machine-learning algorithms that incorporate the input of multiple highly-qualified health practitioners combined with the results of multiple research studies. The scoring process involves manual scoring of thousands of variables covering up to 20 mental and physical conditions and is the basis for our Digital Mind that provides context to the machine-learning process. These algorithms are applied against our extensive Reference Database that was built, in house, with a high degree of data qualification. Where other companies may rely on inconsistent data records with a small number of variables and without same-time-of-day EEG (brain wave) data, our Reference Database contains more than 1000 records, each of which includes same-time-of-day EEG data and >1000 potential variables. While the cost of building such a quality database is high, it allows YMI to be much "deeper" than other systems. We create multiple baselines using different age groups to correlate your biometric variables to similar variables in different age groups. This allows us to predict conditions decades forward.

Is this a medical diagnosis?
We don't generate medical diagnoses, rather we generate predictive probabilities based on factual data and highly-qualified supervised machine-learning. YMI is a highly intelligent and fast diagnostic tool that performs in-depth analysis but it does not replace your doctor.

What information is needed from me?
When you become a Member, an extensive online Questionnaire is provided that gathers your genetic expressions, traumas, illnesses, allergies, childhood experiences and social circumstances. This is called "biometric data". There are approximately 220 questions in the intial questionnaire but once your health profile has been established, subsequent queries can require fewer than 50 questions to see how lifestyle changes affect your future health prediction.

Can I see the effect of lifestyle changes? Yes. You can make changes to your lifestyle answers and see how the changes affect your predicted conditions over time. The predictions are presents as a graph with age-group overlays. You can see an example here

But I don't have EEG data - can I still become a Member?
Absolutely. The Reference Database includes correlation of EEG data to biometric data so that high probability predictions can be calculated without your EEG data. That is one of the main reasons to use machine-learning in this system